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🚀 Cirrus 0.7.2 Released

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Stanley Lim

Hey everyone!

Just released 0.7.2 for Cirrus. Check it out! This release adds fixes to a lot of user requested issues.

💎 Cirrus 📝 Documentation

What is Cirrus?

Cirrus is a component and utility centric SCSS framework designed for rapid prototyping. I started this project back in late 2016, but never really wrote about it. The main reason why you should use it is if you need to proto-type a project ASAP with many pre-styled component classes. There's a lot of CSS frameworks already out there, but Cirrus comes with my (and those who contributed in the past) take on what a CSS framework should have and a distinct style.

Onto the Updates

🎉 Features

  • Link pseudo elements will now use currentColor instead of fixed link color bd9ab44
  • Buttons now completely support color modifier classes (background, text, and border). 5962ca4
  • Add px (1px) to default sizing system. 14970c4
  • Add 48 and 64 to default sizing system to close the gap with xs viewport. 31f80f0
  • Border color util classes will now set button shadow color, taking precedence over bg color classes. 46fcc01
  • Add new normal-case utility class. 81d36aa
  • Add vertical-align util classes. ee67b56
  • Update utility mixin to handle prefers dark/light and reduced motion variants. 4907381
  • Add common class name field to utility api, add new function to convert old class map to new class mapping for utility mixin. 3b6d753
  • Reorder style generation to minimize minified size with gulp-clean-css. b5dd955
  • Add new gap classes for row or column only 5c317e0
  • Add new font style classes #192 83463e1
  • Move language label for code component to styling for 'pre' #206 2248631
  • Add new helper class to toggle tree-nav visibility 623a19d
  • Integrate native hover color generation for buttons using bg- modifier classes 7b55b6d
  • Add new utility classes for grid auto flow row and column. f0349a1

🐛 Fixes

  • Remove margins from label HTML element. 010146f
  • Remove margins for btn-close. 4bfb7c0
  • Last border of accordion item should be invisible. a95694b
  • Add missing button variables to v1 color classes. 8e01988
  • Reset cursor of nav-item children. c706fce
  • Inline condition for generating classes to avoid conflicting variable names. 50dc1b5
  • Fix incorrect viewport being used to apply fill-height styles #163. 7ef825b
  • Add left text alignment for list in dropdown menu. 6997266
  • Fix horizontal centering for default spinner. 50af674
  • All semantic color references to _theme.scss will now use _config.scss for customization #174 d3e0f9a
  • Remove duplicate generation of blur util classes c60a237
  • Fix grid row support, grid rows will now have a max of 6 74cdab9
  • Remove extra padding on anchor tags 9bd4aec
  • Move pointer cursor to tag__close-btn specifically instead of colored tags #193 0a6c23f
  • Hide overflow for frame component #195 7fd9209
  • Restrict transition animation to only box shadow #194 4731e12
  • Fix specifier for tree-nav class for small viewports 875a5ce
  • Fix issue where range slider does not slide from start to end #217 77582e7
  • Fix accordion rendering on Safari #216 ab69a6c
  • Set pointer as default cursor for pagination-item a tag #211 d9ea857
  • Vertical center spinner fix (#242) 856461d
  • Fix bug where list dropdown menu flashes briefly during page load #207 2cbc17a
  • Use default browser focus styling for elements that don't have custom styling b164485
  • Remove unused focus styling 68eb3a2
  • Fix incorrect property used for column gap 81336a8
  • Fix bug where webkit default focus styles were applied instead of input, textarea, and select focus styles, refactor forms code cff0e97
  • Fix incorrect selector used in commit a95694b 7090712
  • Form border styling should respect --border-opacity var if present 95bb80b
  • Fix horizontal alignment of loading spinner f093e8f

💥 Breaking Changes

  • Rename tree-nav--shown to tree-nav--visible to follow new class conventions 37290af
  • Deprecate .menu-item.right, revert to applying list stylings to child link to support nested lists, expand list stylings to child divs and spans first children only #198 889f0fe
  • Deprecating .usquare and .usquare.delay classes due to incompatible color styling 161bf52